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May 18, 2012 5:00am PDT
prime minister of italy is in the united states. he landed last night at join base in maryland he's here for camp david g-8 summit. the summit kicks off with a dinner tonight. >>> if you hit any clubs tonight you will be able to find out ahead of time how many men or women are there so you can calculate your odds of meeting someone. new app debuts tonight in san francisco, uses cameras and controversial face recognition technology to determine when a man or woman enters so you can look on your phone and see the make-up of who is at a bar you might want to go to. >>> marin residents will continue to pay $75 annual parcel tax to replace pipes and improve water delivery system used to fight fires. yesterday the board approved extending the tax for the next 19 years. it expired last month. the fee has generated 70 million dollars in the past 15 years for improvements. the parcel tax is considered a fee so it did not have to be approved by voters. >>> minute-maid can keep labeling one of its products pomegranate blueberry even though it contains little of either. lawyers argue that the p
May 4, 2012 5:00am PDT
united states was caught in the middle when the blind activist made a daring escape from house arrest and traveled to the u.s. embassy in bay thing -- in beijing. when chen agreed to leave the embassy he did not know his wife had been beaten. he has become a symbol of human abuse rights in china. tahman bradley, abc7 news. >>> scientists are using old technology in a modern day quest. turning to a zeppelin to search for meteor fragments that crashed to earth two weeks ago in see rather foothills. the zeppelin is based in mountain view but using an airstrip in sacramento are -- for the project. scientists say it is perfect because it can fly low and slow. the fragments are scattered for hundreds of miles but concentrated east of sacramento. >>> time for a look at the zeppelin weather forecast i am >> i -- i was thinking sfo. >> clouds starting to break a little, there was drizzle earlier may still be in the higher elevations even that is starting to come to answer. i saw the blimp flying over at&t yesterday even during some of that drizzle that was cool. i took a picture maybe will put
May 20, 2012 5:00am PDT
. and one suspected of causing headaches. europe has banned 1200 chemicals. the united states only ten. >> if they aren't safe for use they shouldn't be in a product. >> we need to update the 1938 cosmetics law and give the fda real authority to oversee this industry. >> how far any new regulation should go is a subject of controversy. campaign for save cosmetics, phasing out chemicals that cause cancer and reproductive harm and full disclosure of ingredients but the trade group calls it overreaching and calls for simply greater oversight. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> carolyn: you might feel sluggish after eating too much sugar but one study says you can recharge by taking omega 3s. researchers made the discovery by giving mice both high fructose corn syrup and omega three fatty acids. and it is another study how sugar can slow down brain function. omegas 3 can protect the brain against the harmful effects of sugar. it's found in fish like salmon and mackerel. but our director, jerry sandy, likes to give lisa argen and myself chocolates every morning to get us revved up and g
May 27, 2012 5:00am PDT
recovering units patrolling the bay bridge. the chp said the state saw a significance increase last year in the number of people killed in collisions. 24 deaths statewide and that is a 41% increase from the previous year. >>> up next, a deadly attack kills dozens in sierra as anti-government uprising escalates. and a spooked horse gets stuck. ahead the many challenges rescue crews faced. the united nations kofi annan is headed for syria. activists say the syria forces used artillery, tanks and machine guns on civilians. u.s. officials found spent artillery and shells in one village but one official categorically denies the government was involved. there was a brokered seize fire not being honored. the syrian situation is likely to be discussed on abc "this ""which is seen at a different time this week to bring you live coverage of the indianapolis 500 beginning at 8:00 this morning. defense secretary leon panetta speaks st. louis itchily with abc news senior white house correspondent jake tapper. that's on "this ""with george stephanopoulos, which airs at 4:00 this afternoon here at abc7
May 10, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >>> there has been another attack by a patient at napa state hospital. a psychiatric technician was seriously injured. vic lee was the first to report on the incident. it happened in a unit that houses patients that were committed by their families. patient has been arrested. injured technician is recovering from injuries that required surgery. >>> lawyers for johannes mehserle is asking a san francisco appeals court to overturn his conviction. they found had him guilty for voluntary manslaughter for shooting oscar grant. he was an unarmed passenger. mehserle has contended that the shooting was accidental. he claims he thought he had drawn his taser and not his gun. in a court filing, his attorney called a tragic and horrible error but did not act with the level of recklessness that defines manslaughter. he is pursuing an appeal because he can't get another law enforcement job with a conviction on his record. >> they planned free rides for low income families may be in jeopardy now that the commission is considering similar proposals from other tran agencies. last month muni off
May 19, 2012 5:00am PDT
blind chinese activist is on his way to the united states ending a month long diplomatic tussle that tested u.s. relations with china. 40 hours ago he board a united airlines flight in beijing with his wife and few children. we headed to now warning, new jersey where they are to arrive this evening. the activist received intense international attention after making a daring escape from an a house arrest in his village last month and seeking protection inside the u.s. embassy inside beijing >> governor brown ordered the flag of the state capitol to be flown at half staff tuesday to honor a student from alameda who was killed in afghanistan. yesterday a group of veterans was at the oakland international airport to receive the body of 34-year-old staff sergeant thomas fogerty. he was killed about a week ago. his parents, wife and two sons were also there to receive the two caskets. the vets form a group of motorcycle riders who honor fallen soldiers. >> we are all good patrons and veterans and it is our job to come out and honor them whether it's good or bad. >> he was going for a third
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6